Crazy Shellfish Wednesdays at Dornier Bodega

Saturday, 13 April, 2013
Dornier Wines
From 17th April, we will be running our “50% off Shellfish Wednesday” special, where diners can enjoy any one of our fantastic Shellfish menu dishes at an unbelievable half price. (Seafood Platter R375, Crayfish Platter R200, Langoustine Platter R190) (Special available for lunch 12h00 to 16h00 on Wednesdays only, full prices apply on Thursday and Tuesday).
The Atlantic Ocean’s chilly temperatures, while not ideal for swimming, create feeding conditions that impart a uniquely delicious flavour to Cape Town’s world-renowned "crayfish".
Bodega’s executive chef Neil Norman has a passion for cooking this delicacy. While the crayfish sizzles on a smoking hot grill, he bastes it generously with a spicy sauce - comprised of butter, paprika and roast garlic - that he has spent years perfecting. It ensures a succulent crayfish that Bodega diners’ unanimously agree is delicious!
A crayfish is the crown jewel in Bodega’s Royal seafood platter. It is surrounded by whole calamari, langoustines, black mussels, line-fish and queen prawns. Thanks to a long-standing relationship with a local Fishmonger, we are able to offer this seafood feast at an exceptionally affordable price (R750, serves two).
Dornier Winemaker Jeanine Faure recommends the Dornier Donatus White, a lightly wooded blend of Chenin Blanc with Semillon, with this dish.
Another favourite on the shellfish menu is the langoustine platter (R380). This sweet shellfish has a more delicate texture and flavour, which is why it pairs so well with the Dornier Bush Vines Chenin Blanc. Langoustines can be added to any dish. Chef Neil Norman suggests creating a “beef and reef” by adding langoustine to Bodega’s beef fillet. Crayfish platters also available for R400.
While prices vary according to changing market prices, Bodega always guarantees exceptional value.
Our Shellfish menu is available daily from 12h00 - 16h00 (half price special Wednesday only). For reservations, please phone +27.218800557 or book online
Visit our website to see the full shellfish menu or click here read more about our offer
Bodega’s Royal seafood platter
Bodega’s Royal seafood platter

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