Liquor Board bans Alphabetical from April Fool's prank

Thursday, 4 April, 2013
In an unprecedented move, the Western Cape Alcohol Regulations Board has banned ALPHABETICAL wine from making an April Fool's prank. The team behind the top-selling ALPHABETICAL red wine were all set to mark April 1st with a prank to fool people that their wine was exempt from the new liquor by-law banning sales on certain days by being sold from 24-hour vending machines scattered around Cape Town.
The new liquor by-law came into effect today, and though parts of the amended by-law are still under discussion, the Board said they would not accept pranks that made light of what was a serious matter. A spokesperson for ALPHABETICAL issued a statement saying, "It's ridiculous. We just wanted to have a little fun for April Fool's like so many others do, but they seem to have lost their sense of humour."

Despite having gone through apparently rounds of public participation and millions spent in drafting the new by-law, a Cape Town journalist noted that not a single person spoken to on the street could recall being involved in this "participation" and suggested that millions were likely being syphoned off into politicians pockets to ironically be spent on imported Cognac and Scotch Whisky.

Meanwhile, ALPHABETICAL red wine will continue to sell during legal trading hours in South Africa through its distribution network, in the Western Cape by Siris Vintners and in Gauteng by Craft Liquor Merchants. ALPHABETICAL have absolutely denied that the vending machines do actually exist and will be scattered around Cape Town in secret spots to keep wine lovers happy 24 hours a day.

According to news reports, the amended liquor by-law will be discussed by the economic, environmental and spatial planning committee this week, followed by more public consultations, which could take several months and lots more Cognac.

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