2013 Wine Challenge - Record level entries

Monday, 18 March, 2013
Top 100 SA Wines
It gives the team at Top 100 SA Wines great pleasure to announce new, record levels of fine wine entries into the 2013 Top 100 SA Wine Challenge.
The 2013 harvest is generally viewed as being, for many, one demanding a particularly high level of hard work. Trading conditions both here and internationally remain difficult and challenging for many brands. An early Easter also made for a considerably shortened entry period this year. Despite all of the above influences, most leading vineyards took the time to ensure that their fine wine entries were complete and arrived in time before closure date.

The judging week that starts on Monday 18th will be even more difficult this year than in prior years. With record levels of fine wine entries including unquestionably the major share of the Cape’s finest wines, it is fair and reasonable to say that the judges have ahead of them both an enviable task, as well as an extremely difficult one: To identity the top 100 winning wines. The judging panel this year includes:

Tim Atkin MW (Chair), Greg Sherwood MW, Justin Knock MW, Richard Kershaw MW (Panel Chair), Jamie Goode (Panel Chair), Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright CWM and Duncan Savage.

For seekers of value purchases, the popular ‘Top 100 Best Value’ awards will be allocated once again. Winning Top 100 wines priced at under R90 for red, sparkling and fortified wines, and under R70 for white wines, will be eligible for this category of award.

Vineyard Consistency will be offered as recognition to vineyards with the most number of accumulated winning wines over the past three Top 100 annual Challenges.

A private feedback session with the prestigious international panel of judges will take place on Wednesday 20th at Lanzerac hotel in Stellenbosch.

The awards celebratory event will take place at Rodwell House on the evening of Thursday 11th April, at which time the Top 100 results will be made public.

The 2013/14 edition Top 100 SA Wine book will be launched on Thursday 18th April. This year for the first time it will also be released in an eBook format.

Higgo Jacobs, tasting director for the third year, was enthusiastic: “Putting together the flights for such stellar wine line-ups is a thrilling exercise. The strength, quality and number of entries is linked to the unquestionable status that this challenge brings.  The unique tasting procedure that we developed is a first world-wide. The respect that we pay to all wine entries is renowned. The playing field is level, finish and klaar.”

Robin von Holdt added: “Our strategy is strong and clear. It is both reassuring and vindicating to receive such positive support as well as enthusiastic feedback. Top 100 is keenly focussed and committed in our quest to help build and develop the presence of brand SA’s finest wines. Our efforts help to position them with clarity, vigour and integrity both in SA and abroad. Top 100 has an unrivalled year-long set of promotional activities, in numerous countries, that helps to get our fine wines into the eyes and wallets of buyers. Clearly this is an approach that the majority of fine vineyards buy into, are keen to be part of, and to support. We are very grateful for this support and for the partnership opportunities as we work with you toward a better, stronger, fine-wine future.”

record levels
record levels

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