Asara Wine Estate & Hotel: The Bell Tower - February 2013

Monday, 25 February, 2013
Asara Wine Estate
Guests visiting the AsaraPure Food Market on HumanRights day 21 March, will havean opportunity to join thecelebration as Asara will bereleasing their own BeaujolaisNouveau.
The wine is prodcuedfrom Gamay Noir, a crisplyacidic red grape whoseassociation with Asara datesback 40 years. The Asara Gamayprofile is classic Beaujolaisand its Nouveau-styleproduction offers the allureof a juicy, mouth-wateringwine whose fermentationtook place inside each grape.

Harvest takes place in the cool early mornings of February.The grapes are cooled overnight to 5°C. A small amount of grape breakage occurs at the bottom layers, precipitating fermentation with the addition of yeast. An abundance of CO2 is captured in the juice,contributing to freshness and therefore, when consumed cold, the wine shows little evidence of grape tannins, but plenty of fresh, zesty fruit.

With Haverst season in fullswing, good food to accompanythe wine and a public holidayto celebrate our human rights,South Africans have all themore reason to celebrate therelease of Nouveau. The AsaraBeaujolais Nouveau is the onlyone of it’s kind in the country.Its also usually the first redwine of 2013 to be certified.With its colourful label andassociation with celebratoryoccasions this wine makes fora perfect gift. It’s best enjoyedduring the first 3-6 months afterrelease – another reason to getyour hands on it and celebrate.

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