The Cape Agulhas Municipality published its bylaw on liquor trading hours.

Wednesday, 6 March, 2013
Danie Cronje
Businesses with off-consumption liquor licences such as liquor stores, supermarkets, wine shops and wineries may sell liquor between 08h00 and 02h00 every day of the week.
Businesses with on-consumption liquor licences such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, guest houses etc may sell liquor 10h00 and 02h00 every day of the week.  

According to Danie Cronje, the Director of Liquor Law Services of Cluver Markotter Inc, the fact that the bylaw does not prescribe different trading times for areas with different zoning leaves less room for confusion and disputes with officials enforcing the bylaw.

The Cape Agulhas Municipality will be one of the few areas where liquor stores and supermarkets will be allowed to sell liquor on Sunday.

The bylaw makes provision to apply to extend the hours of off-consumption licences.  Businesses may apply to sell liquor from 09h00 rather than 10h00.

Although the bylaw appears to allow for an application to extend trading hours for on-consumption licences beyond 02h00 the version published refers to an extension to no later than 02h00.

According to Cronje this is probably an error as the hours allowed for already extends until 02h00.
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