Graham Beck Harvest 2013 News VII

Thursday, 28 February, 2013
Graham Beck
Focus of Base Wines turn towards Bubbles!
Literally feels like we can do the celebration of the crown. With much abated effort by all we have all our bubbly grapes in for 2013 and we are happy to report that we will meet market expec-tations.
It certainly has been one of the most testing window periods for whole bunch reception, for a long-long time—but we are happy with what we got in the cellar and satisfied it is in. Many, a many fruit bin after fruit bin together with all the logistics that goes with it - it's a done deal!

Base wine tasting continues daily as all the base wine fermenta-tions are completed and we need to direct them into full tanks and individual components. As we started off with 88 different par-cels we will slowly taste through all them and start to dwindle them down to approx. 50 to 60 components at this stage.

It is very exciting to see which blocks surprises and which ones are our 'gatekeepers' of the various Cap Classique styles we will eventually blend together.

It is early days (far to early to be precise) but indications on the nose and palate show that we have sufficient vol-umes to fill our requirements in the Vintage and of the Non Vintage ranges.

Regarding the gems, they remain in the cel-lar until we have tasted them again and again and see how they shine. Until we taste again! - Cheers!!