Would like to meet ANSWERS

Friday, 1 March, 2013
wow! We have had such a great response to this competition! We didn't know there were so many wine enthusiasts out there.
I bet you are all itching to what the answers were and who got it right. Here you go...

Big Red
I’m looking to find a meaty Dame with a lot of time on her hands to go on long walks through dense forests as well as days spent shooting game on my estate..... I AM CABERNET SAUVIGNON

The heart-break kid
I have been known to be a heart-breaker but really I’m a sensitive soul who just needs to be understood....I AM PINOT NOIR

Exotic Hottie
What I lack in age, I make up for with my full-bodied personality. You don’t need to worry about me being too delicate, I can handle the heat...I AM VIOGNIER

Keen for green
Leave the city behind and let's take a romantic walk through wild grasses and natural springs....I AM SAUVIGNON BLANC

A lot of you thought the Exotic Hottie was a Shiraz but the winner, the person who got it right and sent it to us first was...*drum roll* LUCINDA HEYNS. Congratulations. We will be emailing you shortly.

Thank you everyone who took part, we liked the debate it sparked and we even had people second guessing themselves. A fantastic response.

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