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Friday, 1 February, 2013
Saronsberg Wines
At its best, each bottle of wine tells a unique story. A biography of earth, nature, man and time. Especially time.
Millennia have passed since the soils that produce our wines were first formed. Compared to these, the years that have passed since the first vintage of Provenance wine are just a moment in time.

But how much has transpired?!

With its distinctive label depicting a painting by Paul du Toit, this highly awarded range has established itself as a unique brand.

Provenance wines originally displayed the youthfulness and exuberance of the young vines that produced them, vintages on, though; the maturing vines lend these wines increasing depth and complexity and continuously teach winemaker Dewaldt Heyns how to coax the best out of them.

A natural process of change, and thus we have chosen to honor by transforming the Provenance Label.

On the brink of Saronsberg 10th anniversary, the new Provenance label is as striking as the last and expresses the changes that we are seeing in our vineyards and our wine. As our label image we have the privilege of following Paul du Toit iconic artwork with another piece from the Saronsberg Collection – an imposing 2.5m tall sculpture by Angus Taylor that rises from the water’s edge in front of the Saronsberg Cellar. She portrays a serene earth mother, watchfully preserving the fertility of our soils and the well-being of our wines.
Saronsberg Provenance New Label & Neck Tag
Saronsberg Provenance New Label & Neck Tag

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