Amani helps fight breast cancer

Monday, 21 January, 2013
Amani Vineyards
"Masuda Co." who is Amani's Japanese distributer sell Amani's wines in Japan which are embellished with Pink Ribbons to support the needs of breast cancer patients at Tygerberg Hospital.
The funds collected go to the social workers at Tygerberg to use for transportation for patient at Tygerberg to and from their treatments for breast cancer therapies. One rand per bottle of Amani wine is given by Masuda this resource.

Thank you Mr Orita and Mr. Miyake for supporting Amani and the breast cancer patients. Seen in the photo is Mr. Fusaharu Orita- president of Masuda with Dr. Justus Appfelstaedt head of the Breast cancer clinic at Tygerberg Hospital.