Come taste in Cape Town

Thursday, 10 January, 2013
Lyle Michael
'Come Eat', as they say in Cape Town, the city with a rich history of culinary influence. Lyle Michael took up the offer, while touring South Africa's joy with its warm people, spectacular wine trails and exhibitions, olive tastings, natural wonders and captivatingly stunning beaches.
It's 2010 and the roar around the Spanish football team's victory vibrates through the city of Johannesburg, giving South Africa a larger than life platform to showcase its beautiful cities, people and infrastructural potential.
Yet it was the Mother City that captivated tourists, having played host to eight matches that year, none other than Cape Town.
As today's world calls to be different in the face of competition, the diversity and ipenness of its people coupled with the warm culture of a wine and dine trail places Cape Town among the top contenders in the global food and hospitality tourism sector. Whether it be a family meal at a wine estate or a tradtional spread at a living museum restaurant, a flavourful Indian repast or a 15-course African serve, we - a group of first-time 'Capers' - find warmth in the city that creates a value-for-money experience with flavours that cater to every heart.

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