Asara Newsletter | December 2012

Saturday, 1 December, 2012
The weather conditions during the fruit-set period were excellent, resulting in good quality grapes. It is exciting to see our vineyards responding to the heat and for us to start preparing for the harvest.
"We all know the quality of wine is all in the grapes," says our Winemaker Francois Joubert. "The major focus on our vineyard management will result in ideal yields for optimum quality. The grapes have been formed and set and we anticipate a good harvest." 

Asara continues with their biodynamic approach to pest control, with the introduction of "good" insects to counter pests and reduce the amount of pesticides used on the farm. "Around the world people are moving more towards environmentally friendly and greener products. We are very proud of what we have achieved implementing such practices thus far," says Francois. 

While the pace is picking up dramatically on the farming side in preparation for the harvest, the winery is literally getting its beauty sleep. The chandelier-lit cellar is spic and span and the barrel-wines have been put to rest. "We all feel better after we've taken a nap", explains Francois. “The barrel wines will now "rest" in the barrels to enhance the soft and full-round flavours," he says.