Abundance, a cooking delight by Marlene van der Westhuizen

Monday, 17 December, 2012
Shante Hutton at Wine.co.za
If sharing is caring then Marlene Van Der Westhuizen has certainly opened her heart with her latest cookery book, Abundance.
Brimming with luscious photos by Johan Wilke, it abounds in mouth-watering delights and little heartfelt suggestions on ways to enjoy her food and to live fully in the Mother City.

Containing only a few recipes that would not be successful in my clumsy hands, it’s not just a cookery book, but a love story that takes the reader on a journey through a city that provides such a brilliant and varied landscape.

"Come with me on a journey through this hauntingly exquisite city at the foot of Table Mountain. Share a glimpse of the places where I love to prepare and savour the abundant meals that are part of our lives in Cape Town." Says Marlene.

What to try for the budding beginner:
The tomato tarts with pesto look so sweet and appealing and are remarkably easy to get right. Pair them with a fresh Sauvignon Blanc from Brampton.

What to try for the cooking connoisseur:
Ginger-poached pear and brandy tart would go down perfectly with a special late harvest from Nederburg