Learn through play

Wednesday, 28 November, 2012
Zevenwacht crèche was very privileged to have the amazing teacher, coach and inspiring international speaker Renee Lighton at Zevenwacht to present an educational workshop for parents and teachers.
The workshop was designed to empower parents and teachers to feel confident in their ability to teach and stimulate 3-6 year olds through play. There were many "Wow" moments at the workshop as parents and teaches discovered that simple games such as Snap can develop a child’s memory, visual recognition and response, or that building patterns or shapes teaches pattern recognition and improves memory too. Various games and learning through play focused on numeracy and literacy as the aim of the workshop was to equip parents and teaches to prepare children to be school ready for Grade 1. 

Renee's been quoted as saying – "give me an egg box and I can show you 50 ways to play, count and create for kids". The games, techniques and ideas she teaches can therefore, be easily incorporated at home, as many of the games are taught using household items ready at your disposal. The variety of games also provided techniques to develop gross and fine-motor skills all essential to children when they reach Grade School. Renee’s teaching qualifications include a BA and Diplomas in Specialised Education for the Mentally Handicapped, Foundation Phase and Montessori Pre Primary teaching. She is also a qualified and experienced life coach and a Trained Demartini Method facilitator and author of her own series of books "Let's Get Ready". For more information on Renee Lighton visit her website: www.reneelighton.co.za.

The workshop taught us that we’re never too hold to learn and that teaching our children can be a great deal of fun if we remember to have a playful outlook! Our sincerest thanks go to Renee for sharing her insights with us.