Is Amazon's New Online Wine Market Good For The Wine Biz?

Tuesday, 13 November, 2012
Along with bestsellers and electronics, we can now browse the mighty for wine.
The online retailer’s entry into the wine marketplace is a solid affirmation that online wine sales are big business, which should be good news for the wine industry. Rich Bergsund, CEO for, a leader in online wine sales, believes it’s an exciting time for the wine business. “Amazon entering the online wine sales is a good thing; anything that makes wine more accessible is a good thing.” Access has been a problem, but Bergsund notes that’s revenue has doubled in the past 5 years while also cautioning that, “Online wine sales are still a small part of the overall market because of regulatory hurdles.”

Those hurdles are significant, including varying state regulations regarding the shipment of alcohol and the special handling required for wine (every shipment requires and adult signature).

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