Longridge participates in commemoration of 1956 Hungarian uprising

Wednesday, 7 November, 2012
Peridot Communications
Longridge Wine Estate recently expanded its international footprint when it was afforded the opportunity to supply wine for the Hungarian commemoration of the 1956 uprising against communism, held in Cape Town on 28 October 2012.
A delegation from the Hungarian Embassy led by Hungarian ambassador Mr Bela Laszlo and his wife Julia, Honorary Consul Andre Pelser and the Deputy Head of the Consul Mission visited the wine estate to personally taste and select the wines to be served during the reception.

Ambassador Laszlo was extremely impressed by the elegant food and wine pairing conducted by Longridge winemaker Jasper Raats and chef Bruce Von Pressintin. “This is a truly beautiful place and the rolling hills surrounding the estate somehow remind me of the foothills in Hungary. Absolutely magnificent!” declared Mr Laszlo.

The 23rd of October is an important day on the Hungarian calendar as it commemorates the 1956 Hungarian revolution, which saw uprisings against the Soviet imposed policies of the then government. Thousands lost their lives and became refugees during battles against the state security police and Soviet troops. Although the uprising was suppressed, it is widely viewed as the country’s first stance against communism.

According to Jasper Raats of Longridge, it was an honour to have their wines served at this historically significant occasion. “We were very proud when we were approached to present our wines at such an auspicious event as this date carries huge significance for the Hungarian people. Hungary itself is widely acknowledged as a wine producer and is home to the world-famous Tokaji wines, which became the subject of the world’s first appellation control. We look forward to developing an enduring relationship with Hungary in the future.”

Longridge wines, which took centre stage on the day, included the Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot.

For more information, please visit www.longridge.co.za.