Juvenal the new agent for Berthomieu/Ermitage barrels

Thursday, 18 October, 2012
Yolande Swanepoel
Juvenal South Africa has decided after lengthy discussions to expand their product range. Now, not only do they offer high quality Natural corks and screw caps but also Berthomieu and Ermitage barrels. These barrels have been in the South African market for several years complimenting the wine profile for many wineries.
TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU / ERMITAGE is owned by the CHARLOIS family. The family has been in stave production for four generations and is currently the largest producer of French oak staves with an annual production equivalent of 70,000 barrels.

Being 100% vertically integrated (forestry to barrel production), TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU & ERMITAGE is able to use specific forest designates in the labeling of the barrels. The ability to forest designate is a very important distinction amongst coopers, as the company believes that the terroir of the forest impacts wood just as terroir of the vineyards impacts fruit. It is integral for winemakers to know exactly where their wood is coming from year in and year out enabling a more consistent experience with the product. TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU & ERMITAGE offers five forest designates and a center of France blend. Forests available include Nevers, Allier, Vosges and the specific Bertranges & Troncais forests (only available in the ERMITAGE program).

TONNELLERIE ERMITAGE offers a range of products sizes from the standard 225L & 228L through our large format line up (300L, 400L, 500L & 600L) along with our 265L Cigar shaped barrel.

TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU offers a range of products sizes including 225L – 228L – 300L.
Each BERTHOMIEU barrel - 225L, 228L & 300L - can be crafted using stave-wood from all four French single forests as well as American Oak and Hybrid (American Oak with French heads) selection.
TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU also offers an American Oak barrel option. Using a blend of naturally seasoned 24+ month’s premium American Oak, Berthomieu utilizes the cooperage’s gentle steam bending technique in the craftsmanship of the barrels keeping in mind the cooperage’s commitment to quality, consistency and customer service.

For the last ten years Juvenal clients have become accustomed to service and product excellence. With this new and exciting venture winemakers can expect nothing less, Juvenal SA being the sole agency for Berthomieu and Ermitage barrels in South African clients can look forward to superb service and long term relationships.

For more information please contact: Johan 082 787 5445 or email him