Lula by Rudera

Friday, 12 October, 2012
Rudera Wines
Rudera has a history of producing wines made with a classical approach that express a sense of place, style and character. Rudera has not only launched the Lula brand of wine at Cape Wine 2012, but is also proud to announce that sole-ownership has reverted back to one of its founding members.
Riana Hall has been instrumental in the Rudera brand throughout an illustrious history and is set to keep the brand close to its roots. Rudera also wish Johan and Elbie van Vuuren all the best on a well deserved retirement.

The name Rudera is the plural form of the Latin word “Rudus” meaning broken fragments of stone. This encapsulates our winemaking philosophy of producing terroir -driven wines, ensuring that our wines remain unique, show the sites and the vintages and above all demonstrate their individuality.

Lula translates as “easy” from Xhosa and Zulu, giving it a true South African character while the endorsement phrase “by Rudera” and wax seal, reinforces the individuality theme and lends credibility. With the Lula brand, Rudera now launched into the most competitive segment of the wine market with a strategic balancing act; borrowing equity from the premium parent brand, while telling its own brand story.

Lula is an “endorsed” brand lending Rudera’s stamp of approval to a new wine brand at a lower price without being a weak imitation of the premium wines or a one dimensional cheap and cheerful image.

In the light of the Rudera theme of the individuality of each wine’s terroir, the Lula brand has a more relaxed approach to pedigree but remains true to Rudera’s focus on the uniqueness through wines with typical cultivar characters, resulting in the brand named Lula.

With the label design we aim to excite the consumer, showing Lula’s fresh, bright, fun yet elegant personality. The easy style of the wines true to its cultivar characters, enforced by the packaging and price makes it something different and not more of the same. Lula has the ability to stand out from the crowd, has its own identity and potential to build equity. Lula benefits from the endorsement of Rudera, while not relying entirely on it to be successful.

The fun and easy character of the Lula Brand has already inspired consumers to wax lyrical about the wine, as “quoted” from a Consumer’s Poem about the Lula Syrah:

Lula Syrah
She is smooth and dark and sultry
A warm exotic dear
Her scent pervades my nostrils
Her spirit placates fear
And when her bottle’s empty
There’s another dozen here
That’s my Lula
I’m glad to have her near
I watch her like a hawk
That’s my Lula
She really pops my cork
A smooth and spicy baby
With a smoky hot behind
A ripe and fruity body
For when I unwind
That’s my Lula
She’s really quite a find
By: Anonymous

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