Liquor licence holders are not aware of record keeping required

Wednesday, 12 September, 2012
Danie Cronje, Cluver Markotter
According to Danie Cronjé, the Director of Liquor Law at Cluver Markotter Incorporated many holders of off-consumption liquor licences are not aware of the requirements introduced by the Western Cape Liquor Act regarding records which must be kept regarding liquor sales.
In terms of the Act which commenced on the 1st of April the holder of an off-consumption liquor licence for a business such as a supermarket, wine shop, liquor store or wine estate must keep records of liquor sales in written or electronic form. 

The record must contain the name and the address of the business selling the liquor, it’s liquor licence number, the number of the invoice, its date of issue, details of the kind of liquor sold, details of the quantity of liquor sold and the purchase prices paid. 

In circumstances where a member of the public has obtained permission to purchase more than 150 litres of liquor in one day then the name, address and telephone number of this person must also be recorded. 

In terms of the Act a licence holder may not sell more than 150 litres of liquor to a member of the public in one day without prior written permission from the Chairman of the Liquor Board. 

 According to Cronje the failure to keep the required records is a contravention of the Liquor Act for which the penalty is a fine of up to R1 million or imprisonment for up to 6 months.
Record keeping more important than ever!
Record keeping more important than ever!

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