Get updates on the liquor law via Twitter

Wednesday, 20 July, 2011
Danie Cronjé, Cluver Markotter
Role players in the wine industry can now receive short updates on developments in the liquor law by following Danie Cronjé, the Director of Liquor Law services at Cluver Markotter Inc, on Twitter.
According to Cronjé, Twitter provides an easy way to inform role-players of changes in legislation as well as the activities of enforcement agencies such as the National Liquor Authority or the SAPS.

With one national Liquor Act governing large scale manufacturing and distribution of liquor and nine provincial Liquor Acts (in various stages of implementation) governing small scale manufacturing and retail sales the legislation governing the wine industry has suddenly become very complicated.

The fact that some provincial Liquor Acts provides for municipalities to determine trading hours and trading days adds further complications to the situation.

A recent incident in which the SAPS tried to prevent a company which has taken over a liquor store from carrying on trading despite the required application for transfer of the liquor licence having been lodged (due to the SAPS's different interpretation of the Liquor Act) is a good example of a newsworthy event to tweet about.

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