Revolutionary de-alcoholised wine range launched by Accolade Wines

Thursday, 26 May, 2022
Accolade Wines
&Then is the new alcohol-free wine range that's just been launched by the international wine business.

Driven by a desire to elevate the experience of drinking zero-alcohol wines, Accolade Wines has introduced &Then, a visionary new collection from South Australia’s cool climate vineyards and bottled using a revolutionary new de-alcoholising technology. The result is a premium drinking experience and a credible wine alternative that tastes better than any other zero-­alcohol wine on the market.

&Then launches at a time when health and wellness is on many consumers’ minds, with 54% of global consumers concerned about their physical fitness and mental health and 48% of global consumers actively trying to reduce their alcohol intake (Global_Data, 2021). &Then targets those mid-millennials looking for stylish and contemporary zero-alcohol alternatives, but not ready to compromise on elegant style or taste.

&Then’s proprietary de-alcoholising technique, The Zero Tech X technology, treats the wine more gently than other de-alcoholising methods. This ensures more of the aroma, body and flavour of full-strength wine is retained. The process also requires far fewer sugary additives compared with existing de-alcoholising methods resulting in a range of zero alcohol wines, full of flavour and very low in sugar and calories (a 150ml glass of &Then contains just under 25 calories and no more than 2g sugar).

The still wine category is where the no-and low-alcohol is expected to grow by a volume CAGR of over 20% (2021-2025), and with category volumes doubling by 2025 (Wine_Intelligence, 2022). The collection therefore launches with two varietals. &Then Chardonnay boasts a full-flavored palate layered with stone fruits and a touch of oak, while &Then Cabernet Sauvignon is bursting with dark berry fruit characters and hints of oak and spice. The two varietals will be shortly followed by a fresh and lively Provence style Rose, and a complex and opulent Blanc De Blancs Sparkling.

“&Then allows you to raise your vibe, without the compromise. It’s the pivot between what we used to do, and what we’re capable of. It’s not just about removing something, it’s about building on a history of winemaking and writing the next chapter. It’s about what comes next, and its sights are set firmly on the future. &Then is our commitment to provide quality wine alternatives for those curious about being sober or wanting to moderate” says Sandy Mayo, Chief Marketing Officer at Accolade Wines.

More discreet, elegant, and stylish than other market players, &Then is revolutionary inside and out, with an elegant iridescent packaging that brings to life the radiant essence of the brand. &Then has been first exclusively presented at Prowein 2022, and will be available from June across retail, pubs and bars in the UK.

&Then winemaker Ashley Leon, an avid runner and certified personal trainer who understands the importance of managing health and wellbeing said “&Then is a great example of how we can build on the foundations of traditional winemaking using innovative, new techniques to move the wine story forward. I am really excited about the launch of &Then, which finally gives consumers who are moderating their alcohol intake a truly premium zero-alcohol alternative. &Then is testament to what’s possible when you meld passion and progress to push the boundaries.”