Introducing Pardus - a new cub in the Leopard's Leap Litter

Friday, 4 June, 2021
Hein Koegelenberg
Pardus is the Latin for panther or leopard and of course a fitting name for a new addition to the Leopard’s Leap collection of wines.

For me, though, this red blend is more than a new option in our range. Not only was it born from a desire to make my own wine again, but it also acknowledges a lifelong commitment to the protection of our natural treasures - especially through our support of the Cape Leopard Trust and the plight of the vulnerable Cape Mountain Leopard.

Inspired by the King of the Cape Mountains, the 2018 Pardus expresses the magnificent cat’s charismatic play between intensity and elegance, while being gently approachable. Our national treasures do, however, extend to more than the splendour of the big cats. It also includes the natural beauty of our habitat and our exceptional biodiversity - something I believe we can share and enjoy in a wine that represents the intricacies of our terroir. The 2018 Pardus is an elegant wine, beautifully balancing lively fruit and well-considered oak. If you, like myself, get excited about a delicious red blend that you can enjoy as part of an everyday quality lifestyle, I think you might enjoy Pardus.

2018 Pardus is available from Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards in Franschhoek or from at R170 per bottle.