NERO rises - Bosman launches South Africa’s first Nero d’Avola

Tuesday, 23 February, 2021
Bosman Family Vineyards
Bosman Family Vineyards, together with South African actor / filmmaker Thapelo Mokoena of Bakoena Brands, has just released ‘Nero’ onto the UK market - a pioneering new wine brand and the first and only South African wine to be made from the Sicilian variety Nero d’Avola.

The progressive brand, which champions diversity, resilience and South African heritage, arrives on shelf this week at Sainsbury’s.

To promote the launch, Mokoena has collaborated with fellow South African UK-based music producer Sip Warner, to release a unique NERO soundtrack and promo video highlighting the Nero messages and celebrating the rhythm of Africa.

NERO was born from Bosman’s mission to find a resilient vine to thrive in the Cape Winelands’ increasingly hot, water-scarce climate, as a result of rising global temperatures.

Following over a decade of research and development, owner and managing director Petrus Bosman travelled to Sicily in 2004, bringing back cuttings of Nero d’Avola to Wellington. Only two vines survived the journey - from which new cuttings were successfully propagated in the Bosman nursery.

The UK debut 2019 vintage, made by Bosman’s head winemaker Corlea Fourie, is a vibrant, modern style of wine focusing on freshness, purity of fruit and drinkability.

Petrus Bosman comments: ‘Nero doesn’t just survive; it thrives under the bright African sun. Even on the hottest summer’s day, the grapes remain vibrant and fresh in the vineyard, needing much less water than their neighbouring varietals, yet graciously delivering a wine of astounding quality. This grape perfectly encapsulates both resilience and adaptability. Humankind has an uncanny ability to rise in the face of adversity, and so does Nero.’

The energy and vibrancy of the wine is reflected in the dynamic team behind it - with actor and filmmaker Thapelo Mokoena of Bakoena Brands and the Bosman Family collaborating to celebrate the unique combination of ingenuity, resilience and progressive outlook that is quintessentially South African. A friend of the family and a shareholder in the NERO brand, Mokoena is currently on UK screens in the 3rd series of Sky One Cop drama, Bulletproof – South Africa.

Mokoena said: ‘Nothing brings me more joy than to see our lovely wine taking on the world. A grape this beautiful deserves to be on the global stage. From the African soil with love, here’s a taste of resilience in a bottle. Enjoy Nero.’

Sainsbury’s wine buyer Samantha Glanfield said: ‘Nero is going to inject a real sense of excitement and energy into the South African wine offering and the wider wine category. This is Italy meets South Africa. Sainsbury’s are thrilled to be on board and supporting this pioneering project.’

To create extra buzz around the launch, Bosman will run a social media campaign on its NERO Instagram and Facebook channels, featuring a series of video clips starring and produced by Mokoena, accompanied by an exclusive NERO soundtrack, written, produced and performed by Brighton-based Sip Warner (the son of Bosman’s Business Development Director Lucy Warner) and fellow artist Sonwabile Qamoyi.

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Bosman Nero is available in 389 Sainsbury’s stores and online at from 21st Feb, RRP £12

With their vision of ‘Dedicated to Better’, Bosman Family Vineyards’ mission is to be the leading ethical producer of premium wines in the world. From extending ownership through a workers’ trust, to spearheading social projects in the farm community, Bosman has long been a pioneer in uplifting the local wine industry with an innovative model that weaves environmental and social responsibility into the fabric of the business.

In the UK, the Bosman wines are available in the multiple retailers and independent off-trade under the Bosman, Adama, Generation VIII and organic Nature and Sun ranges, while the Bosman estate wines are available for the UK on-trade. Bosman are longstanding suppliers of Fairtrade via both own brand and customer own label ranges.


Petrus Bosman and Thapelo Mokoena
Petrus Bosman and Thapelo Mokoena

Corlea Fourie at Bosman Family Vineyards
Corlea Fourie at Bosman Family Vineyards

Sip Warner
Sip Warner

Bosman Nero
Bosman Nero

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