Michelangelo Awards join the Ready to Drink boom

Wednesday, 1 July, 2020
Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards
For the first time in South Africa, producers of Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages are invited to enter the prestigious Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards, where they will be able to present their products to a panel of acclaimed judges for adjudication.

Says Michelangelo’s Founder and Organiser of the competition, Lorraine Immelman, “We could no longer ignore the rapidly expanding RTD category. The decision to include RTDs in the competition is a natural follow-on from our expansion in 2014, when Michelangelo first opened the competition to spirits. Since then, we have been open and committed to adjudicating all wines and spirits, segmented into every possible variety which now also includes pre-mixes and flavour-infused base spirits. These range from vodka, whisky and brandy to the fast-growing segments of gin, rum and tequila.”

While RTD beverages have been around in South Africa since 1996, the first RTDs to be locally produced emerged in 2003 when Klipdrift developed a limited run of pre-mixed brandy and Coke. Their success, coupled with changes in consumer trends, have spurred on a tsunami of colourful RTD offerings in drinks stores around the country. Immelman says, “With the sale and consumption of alcohol banned under Levels 4 and 5 of lockdown, low- and non-alcohol products in the RTD category experienced rapid growth and made it top of mind for many consumers. However, while convenience  and easy availability are key drawcards, the quality of the can’s contents is a major factor.”

“Considering their widespread popularity, local producers of RTD products deserve the chance to have their pre-mixed cocktails tasted and awarded by a credible and internationally recognised competition such as the Michelangelo Awards. By entering, producers of RTD beverages can help establish their credibility, while their consumers can make better informed buying decisions,” concludes Immelman.

Entries for the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards close on 31 July 2020. To give your RTD beverages the chance to access new sales opportunities, along with new and wider brand recognition opportunities, enter at https://maiwsa.co.za/

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