Judy Brower introduces wine.co.za - sponsor of Meet the Winemaker series on Radio Helderberg

Friday, 28 February, 2020
Judy Brower | wine.co.za
wine.co.za is proud to be the sponsor of the monthly Meet the Winemaker series of interviews on Radio Helderberg. Before our first exciting winemaker goes on air next week Wednesday, co-owner Judy Brower looks back at our 24 year journey in the industry and what we're all about with presenter Johann Myburgh.

As Judy puts it, wine.co.za started out in the 'dark days'  in 1996 when the internet was just starting. 24 Years on we are proud of the mammoth resource that we have become within the wine industry.

"My husband and I both had worked in the IT world and understood about knowledge and information management and movement of content and thought, let's give it all up and start something else", Judy remembers. After doing some work at KWV, and with wine being something that renews itself every year with each new harvest, we decided to create a portal for everything to do with South African wine. 

Listen HERE to Judy Brower's interview with Johann Myburgh on Radio Helderberg, 93.6FM

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Judy Brower

Judy has been running wine.co.za alongside her hubby Kevin Kidson since 1996. She takes photos, attends functions, writes occasionally, sells wine.co.za services, is Mrs HR at the company, cooks yummy lunches from time to time and generally is the glue at wine.co.za

Judy Brower
Judy Brower

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