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Tuesday, 12 November, 2019
Judy Brower - wine.co.za
South Africans are brimming with pride at the fantastic win by our Springboks at the Rugby World Cup. If you are keen to continue feeling this pride, then please take the afternoon of Friday 15th Nov off and attend the 2019 PYDA Wine Tourism Graduation.

I have been attending the very uplifting Pinotage Youth Development Academy PYDA Graduations since inception and I am always blown away by the passion of the students. The professionalism and  dedication of the youngsters who have been through the 12-month Wine & Tourism course really shines through as does that of the staff with their knowledge of and relationship with their students. 

Just to be accepted into the academy is seriously hard.  The PYDA receive 300+ applicants and only 50 make it to the starting gates, as the application process is really tough. The course is tough and it is important that the students they accept are totally committed to the program.

The course is intense and covers general knowledge of business, computer literacy, wine knowledge (WSET), hospitality, workplace experience, individual life coaching, boundary setting, time-keeping, CV preparation, general communication, health and well-being, wine-making and plenty more.

I was so inspired by the efficacy and passion of everyone at the PYDA, that we employed one of their graduates in November 2017, Yoliswa Masekwana, who joined our Content Team. She is very proactive and works very hard at keeping our Clients' info up to date.  She has developed very good relationships with her clients and we are very proud to have her at wine.co.za.

Then during 2018, we decided that if we are to make a real difference in South Africa, we need to continue to give opportunities to these dedicated youngsters. We then founded our annual wine.co.za Learnership/Internship program, where we take on a graduate every year for a 12-month employment contract.  Our first intern, Jamie-Lee Appolis, is just finishing off her 12 months with us and our next intern, Leroy Matthee starts with us soon after this year's graduation.  He has already spent 4 weeks with us for his work placement, where we had time to get to know him and look forward to having him with us for the next year.  We will miss Jamie but we are sure she will fly and make a positive impact wherever she goes.

The 2019 students are graduating on Friday 15th Nov at 2pm at The Shed - down Santa Road, (off Annandale Road) next to the Stellenbosch Waldorf School.
If you are looking for eager and dedicated staff, you will not regret employing them in your winery, at your tasting room or in your offices. 

If your Springbok World Cup euphoria is wearing thin, then make your way there to witness this uplifting celebration of achievements, and make sure you find a way to employ a few of these bright, passionate and dedicated graduates.

If you are keen to get involved or attend - please contact Nikki Munro at PYDA 

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Judy Brower

Judy has been running wine.co.za alongside her hubby Kevin Kidson since 1996. She takes photos, attends functions, writes occasionally, sells wine.co.za services, is Mrs HR at the company, cooks yummy lunches from time to time and generally is the glue at wine.co.za

Yoliswa Masekwana, Leroy Matthee & Jamie-Lee Appolis
Yoliswa Masekwana, Leroy Matthee & Jamie-Lee Appolis

Yoliswa Masekwane & Judy Brower (wine.co.za)
Yoliswa Masekwane & Judy Brower (wine.co.za)

Sheryl Faure & Jamie-Lee Appolis
Sheryl Faure & Jamie-Lee Appolis

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