World Blind Tasting Championship - #TeamNederburg: The training never stops

Friday, 11 October, 2019
Trudie Webb (Editor)
T-minus one day until the championship. Team Nederburg placed 10th last year and are training hard for their tasting stand-off against Italy, Sweden, France, Switzerland and other strong teams.

While most of us wouldn't mind a week in France, drinking fine French wines, it's not all fun and games for Team Nederburg. The team has been training hard for the finals on Saturday, trying to learn as much as possible and walking into the competition with new insights.

See how they train through their coach, JV Ridon's updates:

On Monday they trained with legendary Alphonse Mellot, tasting through Sauvignon to Pinot



Team Nederburg is exploring the terroirs of Sancerre. At the back you can see the famous Monts Damnés made famous for its ability to age gracefully

Captain Anita Streicher Nel is experiencing the silex soils from Sancerre, and showing why we find flintstone aromas in some Sancerre sauvignon blanc! Everything is a question of terroir! 


Team South Africa visiting Tania & Vincent Careme in Vouvray! Vincent makes wine in South Africa and consults for many producers including on ancestral method!

Vincent Careme in Vouvray, the most South African of the local winemakers!


Wishing our team all the best!