A Rising South African Signature Star

Wednesday, 9 October, 2019
Bellingham Wines
The 12th October 2019 is an important date in the wine calendar. It is Pinotage Day! On this day, Pinotage is celebrated as South Africa’s specialty.

When local scientist Abraham Perold first crossed Pinot Noir and Cinsault (called Hermitage in South Africa), his goal was to create a wine that was as delightful as Pinot Noir but that grew as well as Cinsault. This was because Pinot Noir is a very temperamental, cool climate grape that’s not always at home in our hot South African soils. His unexpected crossing yielded a very black grape that was high in tannins and mightily bold.

This October, we’ll be paying tribute by savouring our Bellingham Bush Vine Pinotage and Homestead Pinotage. Which one is going to be in your glass?

Bellingham Homestead Pinotage 2018

The grapes for this characterful Pinotage originate from Coastal Stellenbosch Region bush vines which yield small berries with high concentration and flavour. Ripe red fruit, sweet spices and soft tannins are hallmarks of this wine. Delicious when paired hot Malay curry, bobotie or voluptuous meat dishes South African’s so love.

Bellingham Bush Vine Pinotage 2017

This Pinotage is a sensual rendition of South Africa’s signature indigenous variety. Hand-harvested from low yielding, unirrigated bush vines, with black cherry, mulberry and raspberry fruit, an earthy minerality and beautiful oak integration. Best with rich, smoked red meat dishes or even Hoisin duck. Order Now.

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