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Wednesday, 26 June, 2019
Jolandi Le Roux (de Villiers) tragically passed away 2 Dec 2018 on her 31st Birthday at Chapmans Peak View Point, falling to her death whilst jumping in the air for a photo to celebrate her 31st birthday. 

Jolandi was born and raised in Stellenberg and walked a long path with Ds Why Duvenhage. During her June and December school holidays she loved doing charity work and went on out reach tours with Jabolani Africa Ministries. She lived a full life, with loads of love to give, especially to unprivileged children. 

Jolandi was blessed with an athletic talent. Since age 10 she had Provincial Colors in cross country and athletics. She was awarded the honor of Captain of the Western Province SA Athletic Team in her final year of school. 

Landi would always take the new young athletes under her care on tour and be there for them. She would sleep next to the little ones if they were afraid or missed their families on tour. She would always make sure they were safe and sound.

But with her sudden death, Jolandi has reached thousands, more than she ever could have reached in her short life on earth.

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Jolandi Le Roux ( de Villiers )
Jolandi Le Roux ( de Villiers )

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