Springfield Estate - the end of the popular 500ml Life from Stone & Whole Berry bottles

Friday, 15 March, 2019
Springfield Estate
Here at Springfield, we are always trying to be innovative and to stay ahead of what our customers want. This was the greatest motivator for the launch of our 500ml bottles of Life from Stone and Whole Berry back in 2012.

Going out for lunches, we always felt like a glass of wine or two, but not necessarily a whole bottle. Wine by the glass offerings in restaurants aren't always the strongest, and one also never knows when the bottle that the glass is poured from, has been opened. Our solution for this? A 500ml bottle of our two best selling wines, perfect for a lunch between two people, or a dinner where you want a glass of white with starters before moving over to red for your main course. A carafe that is opened at your table, you could say.

The 500ml format also worked wonderfully for us in hotels and minibars - it required less commitment than a full bottle yet still was generous enough to make a guest feel satisfied.  The biggest challenge with this size packaging is, unfortunately, the cost. While the contents cost proportionally less, the production costs remain the same regardless of bottle size. We tried to circumnavigate this by subsidising the packaging on the 500ml bottle, so that the price of the smaller bottle would be exactly two thirds of a full sized one. 

However, the costs of the 500ml bottles have risen astronomically over the years, with the smaller bottle now actually costing five times more than a standard 750ml bottle. Our decision to subsidise the packaging has become unsustainable, and unfortunately this means that we have no choice but to discontinue the Life from Stone and Whole Berry in the 500ml bottles.

We are deeply saddened by this and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you, our loyal supporters. We hope that you understand the need for this decision - if there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that it is only the 500ml bottles that are being discontinued - the Life from Stone and the Whole Berry are still both available in 750ml bottles.

How to get our wine:

Trade customers can place their orders with their sales representative or through the office by contacting +27.236263661, sending a Whatsapp to +27.828645296 or sending an email to accounts@springfieldestate.com | Private customers can order the wine on the online shop - click Here to shop now.