Why is April #wineforgood month?

Saturday, 2 March, 2019
Judy Brower - wine.co.za
This year we celebrate 25 years of democracy in South Africa and wine.co.za would like to recognise the significant changes and all the good work that is being done in the Cape winelands

#wineforgood will be a big focus of wine.co.za during April, when we celebrate 25 years of our democracy. We will be publishing at least ONE #wineforgood story every day during freedom month, so there is no excuse - get your quills and video recorders out - and let's get all these stories out to the world.

In June 2016, wine.co.za started the #wineforgood initiative, as we really felt that we needed to find a place to publish all the good news stories from the winelands.
We launched our wineforgood.co.za website (also a Spotlight page) - and have published way over 100 articles, videos and photo albums since then.  There is a lot of good happening and all we need to do is tell these stories. 

If you know of people's lives being changed for the good and where opportunities are being made available to disadvantaged communities, then please let us know, or send your stories or video links or photo albums to us - email us HERE

I can remember very clearly, standing proudly alongside thousands of patient South Africans waiting to vote on 27th April in 1994. It is now 25 years since this significant day in South Africa's history, and although slow, we are making progress and people's lives are being changed. 

We at wine.co.za are proud to support the following life-changing organisations:

  • Pebbles - we have partnered with The Pebbles Project for many years - they are one of the leading change agents in the wine industry. 
    We are delighted to host a Spotlight page for them and give them coverage of all their activities which are making such a difference to children living on wine farms. Their reach extends to the entire family: babies, children, teenagers, after school club for learners, school leavers, parents and now also the older generation.  In March this year they are launching new state-of-the-art kitchen where they can prepare 3 meals a day for 1000 children. #changinglives
    See their website for more - or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Insta

  • PYDA - The Pinotage Youth Development are slowly but surely transforming the industry with their young graduates entering the world of wine.  We are proud to have taken on board 2 of their graduates on our team at wine.co.za and now offer an annual learnership/position for one of the graduates. Jamie-Lee Appolis is our first of these graduates and she is doing a great job in our Content Team. #launchingtalent
    See their website for more - or follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Insta

  • StreetSmart - We have recently also partnered with StreetSmart SA and you can contribute when you check-out from the wine.co.za Online Shop   The income gathered by Streetsmart SA donations is re-deployed in the areas where they are made, and we are pleased that Pebbles is one of their charities of choice. #GiveResponsibly
    See their website for more - or follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Insta



  • Share your stories with us so that we can publish them - click HERE to send to us
  • Share the stories we have published - click HERE to see them all
  • Get involved, there are plenty of wonderful organisations to support, or make a difference where you are.  Speak to people, find out what they need, where could your strengths be used more effectively

Keep up with all our #wineforgood stories in our News, Newsfeeds (Subscribe HERE), #wineforgood website, our Facebook, Twitter & Insta - and share them... 

Judy Brower

Judy has been running wine.co.za alongside her hubby Kevin Kidson since 1996. She takes photos, attends functions, writes occasionally, sells wine.co.za services, is Mrs HR at the company, cooks yummy lunches from time to time and generally is the glue at wine.co.za