Fleet Coffee teams up with KWV and Boosts Local Skill Development

Monday, 23 July, 2018
Commemorating Nelson Mandela’s birth, the month of July marks Madiba’s legacy and reminds South Africans to continue supporting community development and offer help to individuals in need.

This year, KWV joins the Nelson Mandela centenary commemorations to also look back at the company’s 100-year legacy and ongoing support of individuals’ skill development, starting with local startup, Fleet Coffee Company

With their ongoing dedication to job creation in and beyond Paarl, Fleet Coffee Company co-founders, Cheslin Grobbler (CEO) and Ivan Swartz, are certainly adding longevity to Madiba Month as a #GiveBack highlight on South Africa’s calendar.

After an incidental meet-up in a local coffee shop, between then-barista Cheslin and business-minded Ivan, Fleet was born from what they saw as the ideal opportunity to encourage young adults to take on the working world and learn about alternatives to crime-related activities in their communities. After partnering with KWV to operate its first pop-up stall from the producers’ headquarters, the Sensorium in Paarl in 2015, Fleet proved its success to later trade permanently from the venue’s art gallery.

According to Ivan, of the country’s 27 percent unemployment rate, two-thirds is among young adults. “If there is an opportunity to motivate individuals to network, share interests, learn and grow, coffee is a great way to bring like-minded, curious future baristas and entrepreneurs together,” says Ivan.

 “If it weren’t for KWV, Fleet wouldn’t be where it is today”, adds Cheslin. They saw our potential to create change and gave us the break we needed." To date, Fleet has opened six outlets in and nearby Paarl, with one running full steam in Century City in Cape Town. From the 25 baristas who were trained and employed by Fleet, a ripple effect of job creation has resulted as many have established businesses to again offer training opportunities to others. 

“We’re proud to be involved in Fleet’s success and are honoured to be able to contribute to their mission to making a difference among the youth”, says Jolize van Wyk, KWV Classic Collection brand manager. “Fleet’s growth has been phenomenal, and their commitment to helping others flourish perfectly narrates our ‘Do Life’ philosophy”. 

This year, KWV celebrates its 100th anniversary and joins the Nelson Mandela centenary commemorations to continue supporting Fleet’s training programmes and skill development outsets. 

For more information about Fleet Coffee Company, follow @fleetcoffee on social media and their stories on @KWVwines’ Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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Fleet Coffee teams up with KWV
Fleet Coffee teams up with KWV

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