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Thursday, 21 June, 2018
Wine Training SA
We are delighted to launch our 2018 hospitality program.

Customers respond to pleasant surroundings, a relaxed non-rushed atmosphere and ambience, complimented by service driven staff.

The level of customer satisfaction as well as winery staff who are passionate and knowledgeable about the entire winemaking process – from the soil to the senses – influence the decision to buy, the amount spent and the number of bottles purchased in a Tasting Room.

It is critical to train staff in customer service, product knowledge, wine tasting and how to present a wine tasting as well as marketing and sales. (Although tasting room staff may be friendly and knowledgeable, they may not ‘ask’ for a sale and ‘hope’ that customers will buy just because they had a nice experience).

Training in all aspects of tasting room operations, products and services available as well as local tourism and destination attractions will also contribute towards the tasting room experience.

Target audience includes, but is not limited to the following:

Tasting Room and Public Relations Staff
Wine advisors
Winemakers presenting wine and food pairings
Restaurant Staff
Brand Ambassadors
Anybody interested in the magic of wine

Due to the practical nature of the courses, delegates are limited to groups of 18 participants on a first come first served basis.


Wine Sales & Marketing
Jordan Winery - 29 JUNE 2018
Overhex Bistro - 28 JUNE 2018
Workshop Cost : R1250 + VAT

How to present a wine tasting
Jordan Winery - 27 July 2018
Overhex Bistro - 26 July 2018
Workshop Cost: R1250 + VAT
(The Why, the Who & the How)

Wine & Food Pairing
Jordan Winery - 28 September 2018
Overhex Bistro - 27 September 2018
Workshop Cost : R1800 + VAT

Excellence in Wine & Client Service
Jordan Winery - 24 August 2018
Overhex Bistro - 23 August 2018
Workshop Cost : R1250 + VAT

WTSA Waiter 101 Programme
Jordan Winery - 25/26 October 2018
Overhex Bistro - 18/19 October 2018
Workshop Cost: R2100+ VAT

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WTSA is a Non-Profit organisation that offers an extensive training programme to cellar staff in the South African Wine Industry since 1987.