Day 2: News from Team SA & Zim in France

Team SA and Team Zim spent a wonderful day in Champagne. Team Africa are being taken on a tour of France and Germany by coach Jean Vincent Ridon in preparation of the World Blind Wine Tasting Champs this Saturday 14th Oct. Jeanri-Tine reports...

What an amazing day to be alive.  It started out with an introduction to the portfolio of wines by Joseph Perrier, presented by the incredibly refined proprietor, Monsieur Jean-Claude Fourmon.


Jean-Claude Fourmon & Jeanri-Tine van Zyl

It is an incredible privilege to list this many highlights in just one day: being chaperoned by Monsieur Fourmon during the first course of the morning, tasting through the house's cuveés (incredibly linear and precise, like the owner - he admitted), driving alongside said proprietor to the monastery where Dom Perignon - the discoverer of Champagne - is buried.  Team Africa honoured the Dom who has been the reason for uncountable memorable champagne moments

Tasting the Grand Cru cuveés of Champagne Salon - which have spent a minimum of 10 years on the lees - were incredible, resulting in ridiculously umami-driven wine.

And then for the crescendo: descending into the belly of Champagne at Charles Heidsieck, founded in 1851, under whose property is 8km of underground chalk caves and tunnels - originally carved by the Romans 2000 years ago - to explore the exclusive opportunity to explore these antique cellars. This was followed by a tasting that included vintage cuveés from 2006, 2000, 1995, 1985 and 1982 - the latter two being the birth years of Tinashe, Jolette and Joseph, and an emotional tribute to the journeys it took to experience these humbling moments.

As I type we are heading to Trier in the Mosel, Germany. We are tired but so very happy. 

Signing out with a bloodstream filled with happy bubbles. 

Team South Africa: Jeanri-Tine van Zyl, Jolette Steyn, Anton Swarts, Anita Streicher-Nel (Captain) and reserve Nkululeko Mkhwanazi in front

Jean-Claude Fourmon explaining to the teams


Joseph Perrier Champagne

Who is 22?

Jean-Claude Fourmon & Tinashe Nyamuduka (Team Zim)

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