The VinPro Foundation invests in the future of 5 GSB Wine Business Management Graduates 2017

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

The Vinpro Foundation yet again awarded five bursaries to historically disadvantaged graduates studying at the UCT Graduates School of Business (GSB) enrolled in the Wine Business Management Course.

The Wine Business Management course is the only training programme of its kind in South Africa and focuses on the business aspects of wine. The wine industry is so complex and multidisciplinary that it demands a specialised approach for its leaders.

The course is targeted at professionals working across the wine value chain including sommeliers, hospitality professionals, wine makers, viticulturists, wine marketers, entrepreneurs, distributors – or even garagistes. The Wine Business Management programme offers an unrivalled opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.

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The VinPro Foundation have sponsored several bursaries for this programme in order to promote transformation by investing in an inclusive knowledgeable leadership.

As the VinPro Foundation we believe in investing in the leadership and skills development of all people in the wine industry. Our objective is to invest in an inclusive industry built on capabilities of deserving people. We want to support professionals while increasing productivity in the Wine Industry value chain.

We seek to increase middle management appointments of historically disadvantaged (HD) graduates in the wine industry, through this partnership with UCT GSB.

Apart from equipping the Graduates with the necessary business acumen, the Wine Business Management course creates a platform for individuals of different backgrounds and careers to network and exchange wine industry innovation amongst each other. It also provides the individuals with a chance to experience different sectors within the wine industry.

Some of the bursary recipients said:

“The Business, tourism and financial aspects of the course were all very informative to me as I am in a laboratory set up and never get exposed to that side of Wine business. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in the wine industry.Senior Research Technician in Wine Research Microbiology at ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij

"I now understand the daily challenges faced by the producers, wine production business is not necessarily the most profitable business but yet continues to be a contributor towards South Africa's GDP" Owner, Walking Woods

“It was a challenging and exhausting experience, which has energised me to look at the industry and all its prospects and downfalls in a new light, and tackle everything in a more head on manner.” Assistant Winemaker at Reyneke Wines

“The knowledge I got there made me look at my wine business from a different perspective. I have relooked at my business plan and now know what strategies to implement in order to improve my business.” CEO of The Bridge OF Hope 

We as the VinPro Foundation will continue to support this programme as it is helping us meet WISE (Wine Industry Strategic Exercise) targets. We look forward to a transformed inclusive management structure throughout the wine industry value chain in the years to come.