A glass of wine that threw up an entrepreneur

Thursday, 28 April, 2016
Trust Matsilele, CNBCafrica.com
His story is unlikely for someone born to subsistence farmers and never saw a vineyard growing up. This is the life and story of Tongai Joseph Dhafana, a Zimbabwean winemaker from Masvingo, and now building a global wine brand.

“My parents were subsistence farmers who farmed to pay my school fees. After I completed my ordinary levels I moved to Gweru to work at Sino Cement Company,” recalls Dhafana who is in the business of gentlemen.

“My first salary in Zimbabwe was 1099.00 Zimbabwean dollars but by the time I left in 2009, it was in the millions,” he says of his and the country’s decline that pushed many into the region and Western Europe.

His rise was never without enough hurdles.

“I relocated to South Africa in 2009. I stayed at Musina Refugee Camp for two weeks looking for documents that would ease my travel. In Johannesburg I stayed at the Central Methodist Church.”

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Thomas Davidson

Thomas joined wine.co.za in May 2019 after graduating from Stellenbosch University with a BA in History & Ancient Cultures and completing a certificate in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the Graduate School in Stellenbosch. He moonlights as a radio presenter at MFM - and has an incredible passion for wine. 
We are delighted to have him on the team.
Source: CNBCafrica.com
Source: CNBCafrica.com

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